These condition of sale constitute the contract between Narai fine jewelry auction house (the “auctioneer”) and the seller, on the one hand, and the buyer on the other. By bidding at the auction, you agree to be bound by these terms.



Terms of Auction, Condition of sale

1) Sales in the Auction, through the Auction House "Narai" (hereafter referred to as "Auctioneer"), owned by Fabio (Fabio) Piniataro (Pignataro), based in Thessaloniki, V. Irakliou 14 str. (tel. 2310.555.769), made by awarding the object to whoever offered the highest price with an oral statement to the venue or in a written bid or over the phone or online. During the auction, the stroke of the hammer marks the award and completion of the sale agreement between the "Originator / Seller" and "Buyer".

2) "Narai" acting as assignee, agent and mediator between the "Originator / Seller" and "Buyer" and therefore bears no responsibility towards the "Purchaser" or others. The liability after the sale still weigh the "Originator / Seller."

3) The two (2) previous auction day all to be auctioned listed items (the "Lots") will be displayed, with an indication of the assessment for each separately (minimum and maximum valuation) and anyone will be able to examine them and to ask for clarification from the Managing the Auction or colleagues. Any interested bidder must consider before tendering the Lot that interests him, in person or by special agreement, in the period of exposure to the public of the Lots to auctioning,. For these reasons, cannot be accepted complaints or disputes as to the properties and characteristics of sold Lotteries after the award and the conclusion of the Agreement. Participation in the auction automatically mean that the Lot has previously examined carefully by the bidder or his representative, and that is of absolute acceptance and liking.

4) The remuneration of the Auctioneer (rights), is as follows: the buyer shall pay the premium 24,6% (20% commission + 23% V.A.T.) on the first €100.000 and 18,45% (15% + 23% V.A.T.) on the excess. Objects coming from countries outside the European Union, whose origin is proved by customs documents, are exempt from paying VAT.

5) During the auction, the Executive has the right to change the order of presentation of the Lots, to determine the time of award, withdraw from sales within his own unquestionable judgment or if not complete the award to bring it back on offer immediately before the last Lot.

6) All Lots to be auctioned, will be published in a directory with pictures, where there will be the following:

• Lot Number.

• Color.

• Carats and weight in grams of the precious metal.

• Gemmological characteristics of gems, examined and analyzed in our laboratory by qualified personnel with thirty years of experience. These crises remain, however personal, therefore not binding on the Auctioneer, nor create any right or claim responsibility towards him or third parties.

• Any defects or deficiencies.

• Minimum and maximum estimated value. These values ​​correspond to international trends in sales by auction and cannot be a reason for disputes between the parties or third parties. The deposition rate, ie the minimum value if not reached, the Lot will be withdrawn from the auction, is a confidential agreement between the seller and the auctioneer and not exceed the minimum estimated value, which is why each Lot will not have a specific starting price but a starting bid freely growing.

7) Anyone can join the auction by making registration either at our headquarters, either through our website or the two days of exposure of the Lots in the hotel that will host the auction.

8) The "Narai" reserves the right to refuse bids or even entry or participation of any, at the discretion of the Managing auction.

9) The purchaser who adjudged the Lot, must pay its value within five (5) working days, in the following ways: in cash for amounts up to nine hundred ninety-nine euros (999,00 €), with major credit cards or by bank transfer to ALPHA Bank, I. Dragoumi 21 54625 Thessaloniki, IBAN: GR04.0140.8110.81100.200.2003830 - SWIFT: CRBAGRRA.

10) Adjudged Lots must be received by our office (or possibly another place the Auctioneer will indicate to the buyer) within one week of full and complete redemption. The "Narai" reserves the right to move legally in the collection of the agreed remuneration of the Auctioneer (rights), as defined in Clause (4) hereof, if adjudged Lots not paid and not received by the bidder. Purchasers reserve the right of return, which may exercise within a deadline of five (5) working days by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, as a prerequisite that the Lot has not been used or damaged, ie the state he was in tradition and not transferred to third parties or placed on board any legal weight. The "Narai" will return only the amount paid by the purchaser, less cost (eg Packaging, shipping, customs duties, etc.).

11) Anyone who participated in the auction on behalf of others and anyone receiving Lot on behalf of third parties must be provided with Authorization and indicating specific mandates and identity card photocopy own and commands. These legal documents must bear the signature authenticity (authorizing) and copy (for photocopies ID) by the competent public authority.

12) The "Narai" will make a payment to the Originator / Seller of Lots awarded, within fifteen (15) working days from the day of deliver the Lot to Buyer.

13) Any matter that may arise regarding the interpretation of these terms and conditions and on any matter relating to the auction, is applicable Greek law. For any dispute that may arise and as long as you do not allow consensus settle, the jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki. If a term from this deemed legally invalid, the remaining stills unaffected. These Terms auction could at any time without prior notice be modified. In this case, the amendment applies posting on our website, where conditions are posted and interested parties are required to inform themselves about. These Conditions are published in English for the convenience of those who want to participate in the Auction and do not know the Greek language. In case of doubt as to the meaning of the Terms, the interpretation is always based Greek text.

14) Participation in the Auction automatically mean full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms in their entirety by any way participants in this prospective Buyers - Bidders.


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